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17 Mar 2023

Make a change, become a Town Councillor.

As many of you will know, elections for North Norfolk District Council are due to take place on 4th May 2023, but what you may not know is that this date coincides with Parish Council elections that take place every four years.  If you care about Fakenham, and are passionate about the community, why not consider standing as a candidate for Fakenham Town Council in these elections? Becoming a Town Councilllor will allow you to make a difference in our Town - engaging with residents, local groups and businesses to find out their needs, making decisions on projects for the Town Council to take forward, and getting involved locally to ensure services are meeting the communities needs.  Being a Town Councillor is a voluntary, part-time commitment that Councillors typically manage around work, family and other commitments. This includes attending meetings, engaging with residents, and speaking on behalf of the Council to other bodies.

In order to qualify to be a Town Councillor for Fakenham you must be at least 18 years old, a local government elector for Fakenham, and satisfy the qualifying criteria.  Further information can be found here Parish council elections in England | Electoral Commission

Nomination papers may be obtained from the offices of teh Returning Officer, Electoral Services, North Norfolk District Council, Holt Road, Cromer, NR27 9EN, or from the Electoral Services Commission website by the visiting the link Parish council elections in England | Electoral Commission 

For anyone wishing to stand in these elections, please note that completed nomination papers must be hand delivered to North Norfolk District Council in Cromer between the hours of 10am and 4pm but no later than 4pm on Tuesday 4th April 2023.  It is recommended to email to request an appointment so they can be informally checked by an Officer prior to formal submission.

Election notices for North Norfolk District Council representatives for Fakenham can be found here notice-of-election-lancaster-north-to-sheringham-south.pdf ( and notices for Fakenham Town Councillors can be found here notice-of-election-east-ruston-to-honing.pdf (

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