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We have three allotment sites in Fakenham: Greenway Lane, Grove Lane and Rudham Stile Lane. Plots are currently available on all 3 sites.

We have three allotment sites  situated at Greenway Lane, Grove Lane and Rudham Stile Lane. 

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way of exercising and staying healthy, meeting new people and getting involved in your community and it could save you money too. When you grow your own you’re in control with the choice to produce fruit and vegetables organically.


Allotments also help to protect the environment. They can be a habitat for wildlife such as birds, insects and small animals, and the use of practices including composting and rainwater harvesting are encouraged. The use of hosepipes and sprinklers is not allowed on Fakenham Town Council owned allotments.


Our allotments vary in size and rent is calculated according to the size of the plot.  The current cost is £0.20 per square metre. There are discounts for pensioners.


There is a deposit of  £50 to pay, which is refundable if the plot is handed back to the council in good condition.  Rent is payable yearly on 11 October.



To be eligible for a Fakenham Town Council owned allotment you must live in  the parish of Fakenham.

Please contact the Office for ell enquiries relating to allotments.

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