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2 Oct 2023

During November 2023 a cemetery inspection will be completed.

For grounds maintenance and health and safety reasons, the placing of fencing, enclosures, kerb surrounds or border stones are not permitted on any grave space. Breakable items are not permitted such as glass shades containing artificial flowers, jam jars, milk bottles or similar jars or bottles or receptacles.

The burial authority reserves the right to remove any items which, if in the opinion of the burial authority present a safety risk or contravenes the rules & regulations.

Those with responsibility for the grave will be contacted where possible and asked to remove any unauthorised items. If unauthorised items are not removed the burial authority will remove and store for 6 months in order that the families concerned can make contact to arrange collection.

For further information please contact Fakenham Town council.

Tel: 01328 853653 email:

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