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Abnormal Load Movements - Hornsea Project 3

Abnormal Load Movements - Hornsea Project 3

12 Feb 2024

Advance Work Notice  Abnormal Load Movements  

As part of our work to prepare for the installation of the Hornsea Three onshore cable, we  are required to transport equipment and materials to and from our compound in Oulton. Due  to the nature of our works, some of these deliveries require larger specialised vehicles called  abnormal loads. On smaller roads, these abnormal loads require a 15-minute rolling closure  to ensure the safety of our workforce and the public. 

We wish to inform you of the following abnormal load movements from the Port of Boston,  Lincolnshire to our Oulton compound which are planned to be passing through or near to  your area. Between the indicated dates the abnormal loads will shuttle deliveries back and  forth between the Port of Boston and Oulton.  

The abnormal load movements will commence from the 12 February 2024 through to  December 2024. It is anticipated that we will be delivering up to six abnormal loads a  week. Given the nature of delivery logistics these figures and dates may be subject to  change. 

 These movements are planned to arrive during our core working hours: Monday to Friday:  7am – 6pm and Saturday: 7am – 1pm. 


The map of the route the abnormal loads will take is shown overleaf.  

What to expect   

You might see our abnormal load movements on the road during the day. No  abnormal load movements to or from our main construction compound will occur  during night-time hours (23.00-07.00).   We will avoid undertaking the movements close to schools during school drop off and  pick up times and rush hour times where possible.   You might see our abnormal load movements being escorted to ensure additional  safety measures are in place.  

What we will do 

  Keep all deliveries safe and secure, while keeping disruption to a minimum.   Answer your questions via our community phoneline and mailbox.   Update your local parish council if changes are made to the delivery dates.   Provide an FAQ document on our website with further details.

Please note that all our works are subject to site and weather conditions and all the  dates in this notification are subject to change.  

Get in touch  

We’re committed to keeping you informed about our work. We want to be a good neighbour  and try to minimise the impacts of our work on the community. If you’d like to get in touch,  please email us at or call us on 0800 158 2354.    


If you have any questions about the map provided, or would like to request a clearer version,  please contact us on the number or email provided overleaf.  

About us  

The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops, constructs,  and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities,  renewable hydrogen and green fuels facilities, and bioenergy plants.  

The Hornsea Three wind farm received development consent in December 2020. Hornsea  Three, once complete, could provide clean power to over three million UK homes. It will  make a significant contribution towards meeting the UK’s net zero commitments and we’re  committed to working closely with stakeholders and local communities as we take the project  forward.

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