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Cllr Jeremy Punchard

Cllr Jeremy Punchard

District Councillor
Title: Deputy Leader of the Independent Group
Party: Independent (Grouped)
Ward: Lancaster South
Parish: Fakenham (South)

I was elected to North Norfolk District council in May 2011.
I Live in Fakenham with my partner and son and have lived there most of my life. My primary job is with the Fire and Rescue service in the Control room.
As well as gardening and cooking, I enjoy spending time with my family and I like to watch cricket, rugby and football.
Over the past 10-15 years I have also served on the town council, having been mayor three times during my time there. I have represented many local community groups and the local doctor patient group.
I am passionate about engaging with local residents and effectively representing their views to ensure the ongoing well-being of our community including planning matters, environmental issues to name just two.

Serves on: 


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