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Cosmic Roots Music Festival

Cosmic Roots Music Festival

5 Aug 2021

Cosmic Roots Music Festival

Raynham Farm, East Raynham

Dear Neighbour,

Cosmic Roots is taking place again on Raynham Farm between Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th September 2021. I am

writing to you on behalf of Cosmic Roots, the organisers of the event.

The music hours are 11:00 – 03:00 on Thursday 9th, 09:00 – 05:00 Friday 10th , and finally 09:00 – 05:00 Saturday

11th. There will be no music on Sunday 12th. There will be appearances by popular music artists and other

performers, activities and attractions, refreshments and food stalls.

The event has a license issued by North Norfolk Borough Council under which certain obligations fall upon the

organisers. These include measures to prevent crime, maintain public safety, prevent nuisance and to protect

children from harm. Whilst those obligations will be met, we also want to ensure that the local community is happy

and supportive over and above our obligated requirements. However, it is possible that you may be affected by the

event in some way, this may be because at times traffic is a little busier than you are used to, you may be able to see

the event structures or lighting, or you may be able to hear the event in the distance.

In the case of noise in particular, we have a team working to measure and control noise to reduce the impact on the

local community, in fact you may meet them patrolling the local community during the course of the event. Whilst

noise levels will be low, legislation does permit a measure of public impact for short-term events and we therefore

trust that you will accept that the event may be audible to some degree.

We understand of course that you may have concerns during the event, therefore we provide a telephone hotline that

will be answered on site by one of our team. This is the quickest way to reach the event organisers who will act

promptly with your concerns. You may also of course wish to contact other agencies, such as your local authority for

example, through the normal public channels, however in that case there may be a significant delay before your

message reaches the organisers. We therefore encourage you to contact us so that we can act as quickly as


We trust that you will be supportive and understanding that outdoor events of this kind are an important and

enjoyable part of British summertime for a great many people. Please be assured that the organisers will be

respectful of your privacy, security and amenity.

Yours sincerely,

Oz Jefferies

On behalf of Cosmic Roots Festival

Public event hotline: 07548596710


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